Organization of Catalog

The catalog is organized in broad catagories (i.e. Railroads, Mining-Oil, etc.) assessable in side-bar navigation tabs, and subcatagories assessible as links in main catagory section pages. Structure of catalog is outlined below.


  • Eastern
  • Midwestern
  • Southern
  • Western


  • Gold-Silver-Other Metals
  • Coal
  • Petroleum




  • Bank
  • Insurance & Other Financial Services
  • Government


  • Collector Sets
  • Reference Books
  • Checks
  • Billheads-Letterheads


  • Automobiles
  • Ships
  • Bridges-Turnpikes-Canals
  • Aviation


  • Communications-Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods & Services


The certificates sold here are collectibles; they have no intrinsic value as marketable securities. Typically, they are certificates from companies that no longer exist. Even when companies are still in business, the certificates in the collectibles' marketplace are issued to an individual or brokerage house (and are recorded in company records as such). Sometimes, the certificates are canceled and sometimes the certificates are remainders that never were issued. As such, collectible certificates are not negotiable securities.

The scanned images in the catalog sometimes are representative of the certificate you will receive. Many of the certificates featured on this site are duplicates, and it simply is not possible to rescan them as they are sold. Rest assured, if you purchase, you will receive a very similar certificate (with a different serial number and, if issued, issued to a different individual or brokerage house). Condition will be equal to or better than the scan shown. Scripophily Trader does not consider any transaction completed until a customer is completely satisfied with their purchase.

Placing an Order

The most convenient way to order is to use the shopping cart on this site, and pay using PayPal during the checkout process. PayPal provides two payment options: payment from balance in PayPal account, and with use of a credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, and Amer Express).

Scripophily Trader Also Accepts Checks & Money Orders

I accept checks or money orders as payment for your order. However, the shopping cart used on this site is designed to process credit card and/or PayPal transactions only. Thus, to place an order that will be paid with a check or money order requires that you email me your list of desired purchases (include certificate title and item number such as RR-567). I will reply to your email with an invoice and payment instructions. You also can call me at (703) 978-9631 to place an order, or mail your order to Tom Lareau, P.O. Box 2895, Merrifield, VA 22116.


The shipping charge for first class USPS domestic orders (including Canada) for stock and bond certificates is $3.50. Priority shipping is available for $6.00. The international shipping charge (countries other than U.S. and Canada) is $6.00 per order. The shipping charge is the same for one certificate or for several certificates. Shipping on domestic orders is free on purchase amounts over $100; on international orders, shipping is reduced to $2.50 on purchase amounts over $100. All domestic packages are insured by third party insurance (not USPS insurance which is absurdly expensive). International orders are not insured. All packages are shipped with a heavy cardboard backing, carefully sealed, and plainly marked “Do Not Bend.” These shipping charges reflect my actual average costs -- shipping is not a profit center at Scripophily Trader.