Oregon & Transcontinental Stock Signed by H Villard 1881

Oregon & Transcontinental Stock Signed by H Villard 1881
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1881 Oregon & Transcontinental Stock Certificate Signed by Henry Villard as president. Attractive scripophily railraod document. Henry Villard (1835-1900) was born in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. as a young man. He worked as a journalist for many years covering Lincoln's election and the Civil War. His railroad career started with the Oregon & California RR as an investor, eventually becoming its president. Villard started the Oregon & Transcontinental Co. as a holding company in an attempt to dominate transportation in the Northwest. Though Villard invested substantial resources to build an extensive RR system, the Oregon & Transcontinental Co was not managed well financially, and the company eventually failed. Villard later purchased the Edison Light Co and the Edison Machine Works Co and organized them as the Edison General Electric Co. VF+ condition