International Certificates

The International category contains certificates from countries other than the United States.


The certificates sold here are collectibles; they have no intrinsic value as marketable securities.

The scanned images in the catalog sometimes are representative of the certificate you will receive. Many of the certificates featured on this site are duplicates, and it simply is not possible to rescan them as they are sold. Rest assured, if you purchase, you will receive a very similar certificate (with a different serial number and, if issued, issued to a different individual or brokerage house). Condition will be equal to or better than the scan shown. Scripophily Trader does not consider any transaction completed until a customer is completely satisfied with their purchase.

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Austrian Red Cross Bond 1916
Autobus Belges Bond 1923
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $10.00
Banque Industrielle de Chine Bond 1913
Sold: Currently out of stock
City of Montreal Debenture 1937
Euro Disneyland Bond 1983
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $10.00
Savana Societe Industrielle Bond 1951
Societe des Telephones Ericsson Bond 1911
Sold: Currently out of stock
Societe Generale Des Comptoirs Franco-Africains Bond 1925
Vieille Cure de Cenon Bond 1952
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $10.00