Business History of Scripophily Trader

Like many dealers in the collectible community, I started out as a collector. Selling, at first, was a strategy to enhance my own collection. Trading in old stock and bonds became a full time occupation in late 1990s, when I retired from a regular day occupation. Over the last few years, I have sold thousands of stock certificates on ebay (Vig, short for vignette, is my online name there), in an online shop on Ruby Lane (Tomís Vignettes), and at many antique, paper collectible and railroad shows in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Scripophily Trader extends my objective of providing customers high quality certificates at reasonable prices.

Scripophily Traderís Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Scripophily Trader is committed to your total satisfaction. I strive to provide friendly, personal service to all collectors. Scripophily Traderís goal is to offer interesting certificates at reasonable prices to our many customers especially those who do not live in areas served by local scripophily dealers.

Scripophily Trader provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any item you order does not meet your expectations, simply return it (please email first to let me know about problem). Scripophily Trader will either replace the item with another of equal value or refund the purchase price.

I am a member (and officer) in the Professional Scripophily Trade Association. Take a look at this organization's website: There is a lot of useful information there.

Need to Contact Me?

If you have any general questions or questions about scripophily or about anything on this site, you can Click here to email me

Or, you can call me (Tom) at (703) 978-9631

Or, you can correspond the old fashion way. My address is:

Tom Lareau
P.O. Box 2895
Merrifield, VA 22116

Scripophily Trader is Interested in Purchasing Stock & Bond Certificates

I am interesting in purchasing old stock and bond certificates, especially railroads. If you have an item or collection that you would like to sell, start by contacting me with some basic information about your collection. If you have a list that includes company name, date of issue, description of vignette (eagle, locomotive, factory, etc.), and general condition, you can email that to me. If you have scan or pictures that is even better. Some people have sent me photocopies, and that also works well. While not everything is valuable (in fact, most certificates are not all that valuable), Scripophily Trader pays fair prices for the material he purchases.